Pitt Golf Team Gets New Custom Cleveland Bags

For Pitt Club Golf President Matt Milana, the waiting was the hardest part.

But, six weeks after ordering new personalized golf bags from Cleveland Golf, the patience of Milana and his team was rewarded.

The Pitt Club Golf Team received a sharp new set of custom golf bags last week, one week ahead of the competitive season beginning in the NCCGA Atlantic Region.

“We're ecstatic with the bags," Milana said. "The NCCGA's partnership with Cleveland/Srixon has allowed us to get some special treatment on clubs, apparel and these bags. It makes us feel much more like a team sporting our sharp navy and white Pitt bags.”


Not only does it look good... The bag is super lightweight and easy to carry.

Milana said the team had been looking at lots of bag options since last season, but when the NCCGA paired up with Cleveland to offer customized bags at low costs, the team couldn't pass it up.

"The NCCGA team sales process was fantastic," Milana said. "We were able to get great team discounts on hear and do it all through very little hassle.

"By far the easiest team sales approached we've gone through since club golf has started here at Pitt. We look forward to taking advantage of more of it with each new season."

I took it upon myself to share how happy I was with the finished product, thanking Cleveland on Twitter. They were nice enough to respond:

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For more information on NCCGA Team Sales and ordering customized products from Cleveland and Srixon Golf for your team, click here.