The Basics

What is PGA Team Golf?

PGA Team Golf is a golf tournament series for adult golfers consisting of local golf tournaments culminating in a National Championship in September. Golfers do not need to play in every event.

What is the tournament format?

PGA Team Golf offers 2-person teams the option to compete in either a Best Ball or Scramble Division. Teams select which format they want to play during registration. Please see this article for descriptions of each format.

Do I pick my own teammate when I register?

When you register for an event, you will have the option to register as an individual or with your preferred partner.

Who Can Play

Who is eligible to participate in PGA Team Golf?

All adults are welcome to play PGA Team Golf.

For more details, check out the Rules and Eligibility page.

Is this related to the NCCGA?

PGA Team Golf and NCCGA are both operated by the PGA of America. You don't need to be a member of one to play the other.

Do I need a handicap?

The Best Ball and Scramble team formats provide a fun, social golf experience for players of all skill levels and do not utilize handicaps.

How good do I need to be?

PGA Team Golf caters to players of all ability levels.


How much are tournaments?

Greens fees per player vary by course. Included in all tournament fees are 18-holes of tournament golf, a cart, Srixon golf balls, and awards.

Check out your local area's page to see the pricing for your local tournaments.

Is there a membership fee?

PGA Team Golf doesn't charge a membership fee. You simply pay the tournament fees for each event you participate in!

Local Tournaments

How many tournaments are there?

Each local area has a different number of tournaments based on demand.

Can I compete if I do not live in the local area?

Of course! Events are open to anyone who would like to participate.

Can I play in tournaments in other local areas?

Absolutely! Players can register in as many markets as they would like.

How are groups determined for tee times?

Teams will be paired randomly with other teams playing the same format when possible.


Can I choose my partner?

When signing up for an event you will be able to register as an individual or list a preferred partner.

Can I change partners during the season?

Yes, you are able to register for each event with a different partner if you'd like.

PGA Team Golf Championship

How does my team qualify for the PGA Team Golf Championship?

Check out the 2024 PGA Team Golf Championship Registration Information for how you can join us at the PGA Team Golf Championship in September.

Does my team have to play in all tournaments?

No, you can play in as many or few events as you would like.