From Ohio to Boston – Staying involved in club golf

Written By: Mike Kersys | @mikersys

Allow me to introduce myself formally to everyone. My name is Mike Kersys and I am one of the new Zone Managers here at Nextgengolf. I joined the team here in the beginning of January, and have enjoyed getting to know all of the Club Presidents I'll be working with during the upcoming NCCGA seasons.

I have been addicted to the game of golf since I was about 3 years old. I grew up in Woodstock, Georgia digging holes around my neighborhood, creating my own mini golf courses. When I was 13 I moved to Dublin, Ohio, a fantastic place to live for golfers. I was lucky enough to start caddying at Jack Nicklaus’ course, Muirfield Village, not long after moving.

I stopped caddying after a while and started to work in the locker room at Muirfield where I had the opportunity to drive some amazing vehicles and meet some fantastic people. Not to mention once a year I had the chance to interact with PGA Tour players.

After graduating from an extremely competitive golf program at Dublin Jerome High School, I learned where I belonged in the world of competitive golf (not on a college varsity team). I went to Ohio University (OU) in Athens, Ohio and had the opportunity to start the the club golf team with a few friends.

Running the OU club and competing in the NCCGA was one of my favorite experiences in college and I am happy to see that the team is running better than ever under the leadership of a friend I made during the creation process.

I graduated from OU with two Bachelor’s Degrees in December of 2014 but I didn’t know what was next. I decided to move to Salt Lake City, Utah and work as a Lifty at Park City Mountain Resort to buy some time to figure things out. It was another great experience that I am really lucky to have enjoyed.

After the ski season ended I couldn’t ignore my addiction to golf and kept searching for opportunities in the industry and found an internship with the Washington State Golf Association. So I moved to Seattle and spent my summer on the road helping to run amateur events throughout the Pacific Northwest. I loved living in Seattle, getting experience running golf tournaments, and getting the chance to attend the U.S. Open.

I am now in Boston at Nextgengolf continuing to follow my passion for golf. I love having the ability to enable students around the country pursue their passion for the game as well. I look forward to using my prior club golf experience to help current and future NCCGA students grow their teams.

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