4 ways to spot a golfer on campus

Written By: Mike Kersys | @mikersys

Are you ever walking down a crowded sidewalk and see someone and think to yourself, “that person has to be a golfer”? College campuses are loaded with groups of people that are easy to identify, but golfers may be some of the easiest to spot. Golf, especially club golf, is a lifestyle and knowingly or unknowingly, there are certain things that make you stand out in a crowd. Here are 4 obvious signs of a golfer on campus.

hat nccga on sportscenter1) Always wearing a golf hat

Golfers love their hats. Whether its forward or backwards, if you see the words 'Srixon', 'Titleist', or any other golf company emblazoned on the front, the guy beneath the hat has to be a golfer. It's also most likely gonna be backwards. For example, check out this NCCGA club golfer that was caught on the ESPN highlights with his NCCGA hat recently.

2) Practicing their game at any moment

Whether it's while talking on the phone, listening to a lecture, or just walking on campus, you'll typically see a golfer swinging an imaginary club, analyzing their swing and mechanics. There is always something to fine-tune when you are a golfer and a club golfer will take any moment they can to keep their game at its best. Don't be offended if someone does it while having a conversation with you. It's just second-nature.

stewart cink tan line3) Golfer’s Tan

You may notice a weird tan pattern on golfers: The tan stops abruptly at their ankles...and biceps...and neck...oh and their left wrist. That is what's known as the golfer’s tan. Rather than hanging out shirtless by the pool, these people are busy on the golf course, baking in the sun with their golf attire seriously helping out with the tan lines. Recent evidence of this was shown on national television with Stewart Cink's tan line. If you notice any students on campus with a weird tan line, chances are you are looking at a golfer.

4) The second weekend in April is sacred

There are a lot of important weekends for a golfer. One of the most important is the second week of April. Not only is that a monster weekend of NCCGA tournament play (24 tournaments the second weekend of April), but it also marks the start of the Masters tournament at Augusta National. It's the first major of the year and always is an anticipated event.

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