Where was the NCCGA when I was in college?

“Why didn’t someone tell me about the NCCGA earlier!?” That was my first thought after the NCCGA reached out to me on twitter just a few short months after I graduated from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Once I looked into Nextgengolf and the NCCGA after they tweeted at me, I was jealous that I missed out on my opportunity to play with my college buddies in a semi-competitive setting. I was never anywhere near qualified to play golf at a varsity collegiate level, but that has never stopped my competitive side from showing itself on the golf course.

My passion for golf started when a family friend introduced me to the game at the age of 8. When I turned 15 is when I decided to add more fuel to the fire that was my passion for the game by picking up a part-time job at a local golf course. I worked at the golf course for four years while I was in high school, doing everything from washing golf carts to tournament administration.

After I graduated from high school in 2010 I moved to northern Minnesota where I attended college at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. After four years of college, I decided that I wanted to start my career in the golf industry. I was fortunate enough to be hired as the USGA P.J. Boatwright Jr. intern with the Minnesota Golf Association.

As an intern I learned the in’s and out’s of tournament administration of all different sizes, including USGA qualifying, state-level championships, and weekly junior golf competitions. The experience that I gained from that internship will be valuable as I continue to pave my way into the golf industry.

In the land of ice and snow (AKA Minnesota) golf season is limited to half the year, if you’re lucky. So during those long, cold winter months you’ll most often find me watching hockey, as any good Minnesota should be doing. As many people may imagine, Minnesota winter’s can be pretty miserable at times and I had been looking for a reason to get out of the land of ice and snow for many years; so when I had the opportunity to move to Boston, it didn’t take me long to make the decision to get out of Minnesota.

When I first learned that Nextgengolf was offering young adults around the country an outlet to play golf in a semi-competitive environment, I knew immediately that this is somewhere I want to work. I am passionate about growing the game of golf, and I strongly believe that it is a great sport for people of all ages.

As I made the nearly 1500 mile journey from Minnesota to Boston I started to think about how I can be of the most benefit to the individuals that I’ll be working with. That was when it hit me; the most beneficial thing anyone can do is to be available when someone needs help. I want everyone to feel comfortable enough to reach out to me with any questions that they have.

So whether you have a question about your club golf team, want to talk about golf or hockey, or just want to chat, always feel free to reach out!

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