How My College Golf Team Fundraises: Oklahoma

Written by: Chandler Matlock | @OU_ClubGolfTeam

My involvement with the NCCGA and club golf began the summer preceding the Fall 2014 semester. I was a transfer student coming into the University of Oklahoma and was given the opportunity to start the college golf club team at OU.

Thanks to the other co-founder of the club, Conner Smith, we were able to hit the ground running and have a successful student organization in the matter of a few weeks. We used resources such as campus-wide email, social media, and word of mouth to slowly grow the club's membership until we had a core which had the same passion for growing the club. As of the Spring 2016 Semester we are proud to say that we have a membership of over 60 active members.

For any club which is starting out money is the biggest issue in my opinion. In order to combat the struggles of having enough money to compete in the NCCGA, provide club golf shirts, and host range nights for our members the Oklahoma Club Golf Team has employed multiple forms of fundraising.

1) Team Dues

Our first and most basic form of fundraising is in the form of semester membership dues. By using a membership due system you are able to have cash flow at the beginning of each semester which gives you a bare minimum budget to work with in the event you do not have any other source of income.

ou club golf team picture2) Selling Apparel

Another form of fundraising in which our club uses to make money is to produce a t-shirt or polo which can be sold not only to club members, but the general student population. These shirts usually have a fun, preppy design and are a quick sell to a large number of students. If you set your price point correctly you will be able to make enough money to easily pay for part of at least one tournament. (Need discounted apparel for this? Check out the discounts NCCGA members receive).

3) Sponsorships

The third and final way in which our club raises money is by securing sponsorships with local businesses. The best way to approach this strategy is to find companies that are local and non-chains. These are the companies with the most to gain by getting their name out on campus and wherever the club plays. However, before you contact companies it is important to have a thorough sponsor packet. The packet might include things such as sponsor tiers, benefits for the sponsors, and of basic information on the club (such as size, schedule, and success).

In order to make contact with the target businesses we usually just walk into the store, or search for the proper contact information through the area Chamber of Commerce. As a final step, make sure you approach them confidently. Don't come to the businesses from a begging perspective, but a perspective which shows that your club has benefits to offer sponsors.

By using the three above methods the OU college golf club team has been able to fund their tournament participation, and increase the value all the golfers receive as part of the club. I hope this helps your team by aiding in your fundraising plans!

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