New England Regional No. 1 Recap

The New England Region of the NCCGA kicked off the season on March 29, 2014 at Triggs Memorial Golf Course in Providence, Rhode Island.

The track was playing at a rating of 71.5 with a slope of 129. Due to inclement weather, the course was playing at a long 6533 yards. For Saturday, the weather included temperatures hovering around 50 degrees and rain. Triggs Memorial Golf Course is located about 5 minutes from the campus of Providence College. The New England Region had just made a large change, swapping out the University of Massachusetts-Amherst with Boston College.


BC won the weather-shortened tournament in New England.

With this switch came a new regional coordinator for the region—Conor McCormack from Boston College (replacing John McBride from the University of Massachusetts- Amherst). Due to previously mentioned inclement weather, it was decided by Conor McCormack, Kris Hart of NextGenGolf, and Karl Augenstein of Triggs Memorial Golf Course that the contest would be deemed an 18-hole tournament before the first ball was teed up.

The tournament consisted of 6 teams: Babson College, Boston College, Central Connecticut State University, Holy Cross, Providence College A, and Providence College B. The contest also had 5 individual participants: 2 players from the University of Rhode Island, 2 individuals from Brown University, and 1 individual from Vassar College.

The weather eventually became so harsh that 4 teams withdrew from the tournament, leaving only Boston College and Providence College A to battle for national championship qualification points. The top 5 scores from Providence College A were shot by Joe DeChirico (75), Mike Nowosadko (79), Mike Hanley (84), Mike Pierard (84)and Dave Szewczul (84). Providence finished with a final score of 406. Boston College consisted of scores shot by medalist Andrew Hansen (74), Todd Havill (78), Stephen Pfeffer (82), Seth Jorde (83) and Conor McCormack (86). Boston College finished with a score of 403, deeming them as the team champions of the New England Regional #1. The all-tournament team consisted of 4 players from Boston College, and 4 players from Providence College A. In order, the all-tournament team consisted of: Medalist Andrew Hansen (74), Joe DeChirico (75), Todd Havill (78), Mike Nowosadko (79), Stephen Pfeffer (82), Seth Jorde (83), Mike Pierard (84) and Mike Hanley (84).

Though it was extremely unfortunate to cut down the 36-hole tournament down to 18 holes, Triggs Memorial Golf Course served as a tremendous host to the NCCGA, providing grade-A hospitality. I highly recommend that the New England Region return to Triggs—their staff, course, and food were phenomenal. The New England Region is beyond excited to travel to Shining Rock in 2 weeks to decide who will be hopping on to the #RoadToJersey.