NCCGA Weekly Regional Tournament Preview

After a decorated summer on the golf course for NCCGA golfers, the Fall Season is set to finally begin this weekend.

The Mountain Region hosts its first Regional Tournament this week, and will be the only action in the NCCGA during the first weekend of play.

After playing only one Regional Tournament last semester, the growing Mountain Region — based primarily of Colorado teams — is prepared to take a big step this semester.

Despite not placing a team in the NCCGA Preaseason National Rankings, the region boasts a slew of competitive players and teams.

In last year’s Regional Tournament, Colorado School of Mines took home the title over University of Colorado — Denver. Michael McNulty, a player at Colorado School of Mines, took home the title with 7-over, 79.

This region heads to Flatirons Golf Course, a city-owned course on the outskirts of Boulder. Look for this region to quickly establish themselves and post some good scores.

With the first tournament of the semester, the #ReadyGolf and #ClubGolf campaigns also will be going through the tournament experience for the first time. #ReadyGolf brings a new pace of play system in place that will monitor all groups throughout the round to ensure a better tournament experience for all. #ClubGolf will engage teams via social media channels in an effort to find out which club golf team has the best traditions.

The second Mountain Regional Tournament later in the semester will be held at Colorado National Golf Club on Oct. 25-26.

***David Uhrmacher (@DaveUhrm) is the NCCGA Director of Communications.