Mid-Elite Eight NCCGA Madness Update

Since I left you last, I had given my predictions for the Sweet Sixteen... Since then, the Florida Gators and Wisconsin Badgers have punched their tickets to the Final Four in Dallas! Florida grinded out a win against Dayton, and Wisconsin took down the Arizona Wildcats, making Florida the only remaining top seed in the tournament. If you picked the Cavaliers, Shockers or Wildcats to win, chances are your bracket isn't looking so good right now. But hey... It's not like anyone's still in the running for a billion!


The Badgers' win last night over 1 seed Arizona definitely impacted the overall standings. It's pretty apparent that a lot of the club golfers from Wisconsin benefitted from Bucky's victory.  Check out how the individual standings looked prior to both of yesterday's games...

T1 Dominic Ricasoli Duquesne 740
T1 Kris Cummings Ohio State 740
3 Luke Rhyner Wisconsin 710
T4 Jason Koch Ohio State 690
T4 Brad Buchberger Central Washington 690
T6 Tom Cox Wisconsin 670
T6 Tyler Piddington Wisconsin 670
T8 Eric Prince Kentucky 660
T8 Dave Pytel Baylor 660
T8 Luke Stull Michigan 660


And check them out now...

1 Dominic Ricasoli Duquesne 900
2 Brad Buchberger Central Washington 850
T3 Tom Cox Wisconsin 830
T3 Tyler Piddington Wisconsin 830
5 Kris Cummings Ohio State 820
T6 Aaron Krueger Wisconsin 810
T6 Bill Donovan Missouri 810
8 Jacob Knudtson Wisconsin 800
9 Luke Rhyner Wisconsin 790
T10 Pete Howes Michigan State 780
T10 Ben Leon Georgia 780


What a surge of cardinal and white! All of Wisconsin's scoring for the team competition made the top 10 individuals. Obviously this pushed them into first place overall. Dominic Ricasoli of Duquesne has managed to retain his position as the top individual, however.

Just like the individual standings, let's take a look at the team standings before and after yesterday's games...


T1 Ohio State 3310
T1 Wisconsin 3310
3 Baylor 3030
4 Missouri 2920
T5 Iowa State 2860
T5 Central Washington 2860
7 Virginia 2820
8 Boston College 2690
9 Pittsburgh 2680
10 NCCGA 2600


And after:

1 Wisconsin 4060
2 Ohio State 3750
3 Baylor 3510
4 Missouri 3400
5 Virginia 3360
6 Iowa State 3260
7 Boston College 3240
8 Central Washington 3180
9 NCCGA Leadership 3080
10 Pittsburgh 3040


I think it's safe to say that Ohio State's bracketologists weren't as confident in the Badgers' basketball team as Wisconsin's!

As for today's games... I've got:





You could say I've got state of Michigan fever... Have a good Sunday everyone!

** Kevin Fitzpatrick is a junior at Iowa State University. Follow him on Twitter! @KFitzy87