Best Tweets of the NCCGA Season

It is no secret that Twitter plays a huge part in the growth of the NCCGA.

Outside of the obvious business perks, it can also provide humor and wit about topics ranging from golf to girls. The teams and the players in the NCCGA are no exception to that. Here is a list of the latest and greatest tweets from around the NCCGA this season.

Brant "Two Gloves" Mosley? Sorry, doesn't have quite the same ring as Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey.

So true...

Well said, my friend. Well said.

Yells fore, scores six, writes down five.

Almost had me... Almost.

And you thought Patrick Reed made a big jump in the World Golf Rankings...

Finally, could not leave out this one with the reference to the greatest golf movie of our era...

I'm sure I have missed lots of good tweets. Email them to me at or tweet them at me (@DaveUhrm) and I will be happy to do a follow-up post with some more great tweets! Til' next time, tweeps.