Three Ways to Promote Golf Through Fitness

WEAREGOLF is a coalition golf industry leaders who have come together to promote the significant benefits the game of golf brings to the US economy. One initiative of WEAREGOLF focuses on the health and wellness benefits of the game. It is hard to believe that walking a round of golf burns approximately 2350 calories for the average 150-200 lbs adult walking an 18 hole round of golf. What if you do not have time for 18 holes, but want to get fit while enjoying golf? There are some options…

1. Speedgolf – Speedgolf is a sport which 18 holes of golf is played while running as opposed to the typical walking round. In a speedgolf round your score is based on a total of your strokes as well as the speed at which you are running around the course. Speedgolf is not offered all across the US making it difficult to play, but you sure can get a workout playing 18 holes in 45 minutes – Speedgolf video

2. Kwik Golf –Kwik Golf is a fitness oriented introductory golf game which is similar to speedgolf. Players are scored based on the number of strokes as well as the speed at which you play. Kwik Golf can be played by golfers of all abilities and can be set-up in the middle of a field, a campus quad, or even on an actually golf course. Kwik takes 10 minutes to set-up and costs only $600 for a single kit.

3. TreadGolf – Although you can only watch competitive golf Thursday-Sunday, The Golf Channel provides golf coverage all week long for you to watch on tv. Watching golf on TV does not seem like much of a workout unless you are doing so while on the treadmill. Spot up at the local gym or get a treadmill at home and watch golf while doing an hour long run or bike ride. Yes, I just coined the term treadgolf.

Do you have any ideas on how golf can be more athletic? Do you know of any new services which can help promote the fitness aspects of the game? Please comment below or send us an email to