Braunewell: Making the Transition to Collegiate Club Golf

Wake Forest University has been producing golfing legends for decades.

With names like Arnold Palmer, Webb Simpson, and Bill Haas swirling around, it is no secret that Wake knows a thing or two about good golf. For students on campus that want to be a part of this amazing tradition but do not quite have the scores to compete with the names mentioned above, the club golf team is the perfect fit.

Making the transition from high school to college is difficult and as a freshman, I was hoping that I could find some familiarity by playing competitive golf. Stepping onto the first tee for club golf tryouts was terrifying, but that feeling was exactly what I was missing from my high school days. Throughout the rest of the tryout I was shocked about how organized and welcoming the team was, especially to a freshman. I knew right there that this team was going to be a huge part of my college career.

The tournament experience as a member of the Wake Forest club team was nothing like I had experienced before. Every team was competitive with each other but at the end of the day, everyone got along like a family. The famed rivalries between schools seemed to disappear; players were focused on playing good golf and having fun rather than being at each other’s throats. However, the fun did not stop after the round was over. I can recall countless adventures and bonding experiences that I had with my team off of the course. The members on the team are some of my best friends and many of them led me to the fraternity that I am a part of today.

These past couple of years on club golf have flown by and I find now myself as the President and Captain of the team that helped me shape my college career. As president, I am focused on bringing a competitive team to every tournament while maintaining that family atmosphere to all of my players. By playing club golf here at Wake Forest, college experiences will change. Players will grow as people, improve as golfers, and become a part of the rich golfing history Wake Forest has.