Teach to Improve Your College Golf Game

While it may feel like the NCCGA 2015 Spring National Championship is right around the corner, there’s still time to improve your game before the college golf season begins.  While for most people this means grabbing their golf clubs and heading out to the range or first tee, there's another method that can help you improve your game. You don't even have to pick up a club for it to work either.

It’s called the “Protege Effect” and it’s proven to sharpen your skills. All you have to do is find someone looking to learn.

A study in the Journal of Science Education and Technology found that a person became more proficient in an activity when he or she taught another person. This idea is not new, however. In fact, Roman philosopher Seneca once said, “When we teach, we learn”. He did not mention anything about patience though. So just remember, patience is a virtue (especially when dealing with a beginner golfer).

You’re probably thinking “Yeah, right, like this really works”. To see for myself, I asked my good friend (and golfer) Zack Staub from Coastal Carolina University about the matter, and he completely agrees with the ancient philosophy. “I think that teaching other people how to golf does help me be a better golfer. If you work with a student and begin to correct his/her flaw, you yourself use your own tips and techniques in your swing. It truly does help my game improve so, it’s a win win scenario,” Zack said.

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Zack is always willing to teach a friend looking to get into the college golf scene, and you should be too! Even if you don’t play competitive golf, get out there and teach a friend, sibling, or significant other as a way to improve your game. Teaching is a great activity for the entire club to do together, and can even be done right on campus for other students wanting to learn.

Start thinking about which of your friends or classmates would benefit from your invaluable golf advice and take them for a quick round, or even just to the driving range. Spread the wealth as the #Battle4Bryan continues this upcoming college golf season.

**Katherine Dobson attends Emerson College and is an Intern for Nextgengolf and the NCCGA. Contact Katherine on Twitter @katherine_dobs