College Golf UNC Wilmington Prevail at Cutter Creek

The golf gods were looking over the North Carolina Region as we enjoyed beautiful weather for our second regional at Cutter Creek, a nice change from our first regional tournament.  Cutter Creek is a difficult course and the back tees measure almost 7300 yards.  We played the tees at 6800.  Unfortunately, the spring semester provides conflicts for many schools with students looking to play college golf.  Although no teams were on spring break only 5 schools were able to field full rosters.  ECU, UNC Wilmington, NC State, UNC Charlotte, and High Point University played in the tournament.

After the first day of college golf competition on Saturday, UNC Wilmington and ECU were tied with NC State in a close second.  Course knowledge played a factor in this event with every team scoring lower in the second round of play.  UNC Wilmington was able to sweep the North Carolina region this spring season when they pulled away on Sunday.  ECU, the fall season national champion, finished in second and NC State finished in third.  UNC Charlotte had a great inaugural event in the North Carolina region and really enjoyed club golf.  It looks as though the North Carolina region will have three teams attend the national championship in the spring with ECU getting an automatic bid and UNC Wilmington qualifying via our region.  Joe McCormick won the tournament individually with two strong rounds totaling only 147 strokes.

I would recommend looking towards Cutter Creek to play another regional tournament.  It was a fantastic event.  We look forward to the tournaments next fall and wish the best of luck to ECU, UNC Wilmington, and hopefully NC State in the national tournament. It is events like these that allow young students to play college golf.

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