5 Reasons Why Colleges Should Offer Intramural Golf

When intramural coordinators and campus recreation departments on college campuses are planning out the schedule for the year, golf is typically not top of mind. Finding a local golf course, transportation, affordability, learning barriers and a structured program prevents golf from being offered.

What if offering golf on campus through intramurals, leagues, or a structured club was easy?  Below are 5 reasons why golf should be offered on every college campus:

1)     Golf is a lifetime sport – Golf is a sport which people can play from ages 2-92, so why not learn a lifelong game?

2)     Golf can help you get a job – Recent graduates are always looking to have a leg up on other candidates to get that first job. What happens when a student meets an alumni CEO of a company they are applying for and he or she asks you to go out and play golf? Do CEOs who play golf make more money than those who don’t?

3)     Anyone can play golf – Although it’s hard to play well on the course, anyone can play Kwik Golf

4)     Golf builds relationships –If all my friends from college were going on a golf trip, I would not want to be the guy who does not play golf and is left out.

5)     Golf is built around charity – Many colleges have alumni golf outings to raise money for scholarships, athletic departments, a new building on campus or other worthy causes. What if you increased the number of alumni golfers on your campus? According to Golf 20/20, Golf made a 3.9 Billion dollar charitable impact in 2011.

Now knowing all the benefits which golf can bring to students learning the game on campus, how the heck can you offer golf on campus? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Run a fun, athletic intramural golf league on campus. Kwik Golf provides campus recreation departments an “all-in” kit to run golf on campus with clubs, balls, big plastic holes, and structure to run a golf league. Kwik Golf is a 1-time fee of $599 for the entire kit and is a great tool to help students learn the game.KWIK_1
  • Run a golf tournament at a local golf course. Many colleges run an intramural golf tournament each semester for students. CollegeGolfPass has relationships with hundreds of golf course across the country and can help you set-up an affordable rates and provide prizes for your intramural tournament.
  • Start a club golf team. The National Collegiate Club Golf Association provides a competitive landscape for over 150 collegiate club golf teams in the country. If your varsity team was cut or you have a group of students who are not good enough to make the top 8 on varsity, a competitive club through the NCCGA can fill that void.NCCGA_Matt trophy

Let’s make golf a reality on every college campus! For additional information on any of the above campus golf offerings, please send me an email at Kris@collegegolfpass.com or Tweet @CollegeGolfPass