Nextgengolf: Keeping Young Adults in the Game

As I approach the dreaded date of May 17, 2014—Spring Commencement at Virginia Tech—I begin to worry about what I am going to do to throughout my post-collegiate “career.” Do I become a full-time recreational player? Do I continue to pay several hundred dollars to play in local and state amateur tournaments? Fortunately, have no fear...Nextgengolf is here!

With the combination of the NCCGA and CollegeGolfPass, Nextgengolf is expected to launch in February 2014. The biggest asset that Nextgen will provide to its members is that it will not only be available at the collegiate level, but also to young adults ranging from 18-29 year old golfers.

Along with the implementation of NGG, the umbrella organization will consist of two under-arching organizations known as Nextgen Collegiate and Nextgen Graduate.

On the Collegiate side, individuals will be able to compete in NCCGA events that will run similarly to the way they have in the past. As members of the NCCGA, players will receive Nextgengolf memberships that will provide discounts to play local golf courses formerly offered through CGP. If you are not part of a team or an official club at your school, individual students will be able to compete and join the NCCGA as individuals. Nextgen Collegiate will also offer recreational tournaments for the general student body that are part of the Nextgen Collegiate community.

Once a student graduates from college, they may become part of the NGG Graduate community. Through our media partnership with Golfweek, Graduate members can apply to be a member of an exclusive group of young adult golf course raters that freely play and rate public and private courses focusing on affordability, accessibility, and service.

Beyond ratings, Nextgen Graduate will provide tournaments and leagues in major cities around the country specifically catered toward young adults. Similar to the NCCGA National Championship, we will have National Tournaments for competitive young adults who will represent their Alma maters. Nextgen Graduate  will be scheduled to launch in late spring to early summer 2014.

For the passed 10 years, the NCCGA has been the foundation for competitive club golf tournaments. Because of its historical significance, the leaders of Nextgengolf felt it would be best to allow the NCCGA to continue its governance of providing the best experience possible to its members.

The NCCGA has been my home and my passion for the previous four years and I hope that college students and graduates across the country can benefit from this organization in a similar fashion that I have. As I continue to grow as a person, my love fro the game of golf have grown with it, thanks to the NCCGA. So who knows, maybe graduation won’t be all that bad; there are still many great years to look forward to as a member of the Nextgengolf Graduate community.