GolfStache and Testicular Cancer Foundation Join Forces

Last year, we were happy to take part in Nextgengolf's #GolfStache campaign, which raised over $500 for the Testicular Cancer Foundation. But we are even more excited to have a deeper involvement this year. Here at TCF, we are thankful to have an organization like Nextgengolf that helps not only bring in funds for our organization, but more importantly, raises awareness of Testicular Cancer to our target demographic – males ages 15-35. I personally look forward to attending the NCCGA National Championship at TPC San Antonio, and will be handing out our educational materials for those who’d like to learn more about this disease.

So, why is TCF the perfect charity to be on site at the NCCGA event? To start off, Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer in males 15-35 years old. Not only is that statistic shocking, but it is also a shock that men our age know nothing about this disease. College students fit in this age range and with the majority of the golfers being in college, we know how important our presence at NCCGA will be.

golfstache testicular cancer foundation

Shaving party at the Fall 2014 NCCGA National Championship at Dancing Rabbit Golf Course.

While I am not a Testicular Cancer survivor myself, our organization’s Founder and CEO Matt Ferstler is one. He was diagnosed at age 22 while attending college and knew nothing about this cancer. His frustration led him to creating TCF, so that we can provide awareness, education and support to young males and their families. Thankfully, he discovered his cancer early enough to where the removal of his testicle cured his cancer, no chemo or radiation needed. This is why we promote early detection through our shower cards and educational materials since it is beatable 99% of the time when you catch it early on.

With one man diagnosed an hour, and one man dying every single day from this disease, we have our hands full trying to get our information to those men who know nothing about it. We love how the #GolfStache fundraiser is social media based because it’s an easy way to raise awareness to thousands of people at once. And with the top photos bringing in $1 for every retweet or favorite, we couldn’t be happier.

Join the #GolfStache Movement

On November 20, we’ll be in San Antonio handing out our educational materials and managing the donations from the putting contest and all of the other fun activities #GolfStache has to offer. As a reminder, we operate under the 100% Model, so every dollar donated goes directly back to our mission. We have Angel Donors covering our rent and overhead, that way all of the money can go to distributing more life saving shower cards and educational materials to those who need it. With your help, we can continue to educate young men in all 50 states. Just one dollar can help save a life through our shower cards and brochures.

We thank you for allowing us to be involved with a great organization and look forward to having a ball in San Antonio!

** Anthony Zubia is the Creative Director at the Testicular Cancer Foundation.