#GolfStache Power Rankings

In partnership with the Testicular Cancer Foundation, Nextgengolf and the NCCGA will donate $1 for every tweet or Instagram post with the hashtag #GolfStache. Testicular cancer is a curable disease and is the most common cancer among men ages 15 to 35.

With the NCCGA Fall 2014 National Championship just 10 days away, the anticipation of who will bring the best #GolfStache to Dancing Rabbit is beginning to mount.

Here are this week's #GolfStache power rankings:

5. Stephen Thompson of West Virginia: Can't say I endorse the orange Puma getup, but the #GolfStache and monkey poster are looking prime.

4. Conor McCormack of Boston College: When I first met him, Conor rocked the flow, but the leader of the New England Region can rock the curly #GolfStache as well.

3. Harrison Schmitt of Alabama: I see State Traditions apparel, a Cleveland Golf logo and a healthy 'stache. Harrison could be the NCCGA's poster child this semester.

2. Nathan George of Tennessee: Nathan, I will personally give you #GolfStache of the Year if you dye it an orange and white checkered pattern like the Volts' end zone.

1. Kevin Hamori of Ohio State: Why the hell not?! The former NCCGA president can work the bro-tank/handlebar mustache combo like no one else.

**Chase Russell is the student president of the NCCGA and a member of the Iowa State club golf team. Contact him on Twitter @NCCGAPresident.