#GolfStache Power Rankings

In partnership with the Testicular Cancer Foundation, Nextgengolf and the NCCGA will donate $1 for every tweet or Instagram post with the hashtag #GolfStache. Testicular cancer is a curable disease and is the most common cancer among men ages 15 to 35.

As the NCCGA Fall 2014 National Championship picture starts to develop, so do many mustaches across the country. With 24 days until the big dance, we would like to recognize the club golfers who have grown a mouth-brow in this week's #GolfStache power rankings.


5. Vicent Garman of Delaware: Is it a requirement for UD club golfers to have lip-whiskers to make the roster?

4. Ryan Sheets of Pittsburg: This guy's got the right idea. Easiest $1 he's ever donated.

3. Michael Pyne of Delaware: UD definitely knows the #GolfStache, but they obviously don't know NBA basketball. Bro, you realize the Sixers won 19 games last year, right?

2. Matt Dohse of Iowa State: The NCCGA's Director of Greek Life grew a handlebar mustache and had a beer with breakfast the day we left for the spring 2014 National Championship. This guy means business.

1. Marshall Pontrelli of Boston College: Judging by that chest sweater, Marshall has probably had some strong stache game since the seventh grade.

**Chase Russell is the student president of the NCCGA and a member of the Iowa State club golf team. Contact him on Twitter @NCCGAPresident.