So, What’s #Golfstache?

We're a few days into #Golfstache month, and we've received a few questions about it... So I'm here to clear the air and tell you everything you need/want to know about our annual fundraiser for the Testicular Cancer Foundation!

1) What is #Golfstache?

#Golfstache is an annual tradition at the NCCGA, where our golfers grow out their mustaches for one month, in order to raise money and awareness for Testicular Cancer. Snap a photo and share it on Twitter or Instagram (just with the hashtag #Golfstache), and your photo will have the chance to raise serious money for the Testicular Cancer Foundation!

2) Wait! I'm a girl - does that mean I can't participate?

Not at all! We want to see photos of your most creative #Golfstache - think out of the box, and have some fun!

3) So, how does me sharing a photo help the Testicular Cancer Foundation?

We thought you'd never ask!

Every Friday, we'll look through all the photo's tagged #Golfstache, and chose two of our favorites. Those two, will be featured on the NCCGA twitter account - and for every retweet or favorite, we'll donate $1 to the Testicular Cancer Foundation.

4) Will anything be happening onsite at the Fall 2015 National Championship at TPC San Antonio?

Yup! Friday night's activities will feature a fundraiser putting contest, a shaving party and a bunch of other fun ways to get involved with our #Golfstache initiative.

At the end of the day, we want to see our golfers having fun and raising awareness for a cause that is near and dear to our hearts.  A member of the NCCGA family is a testicular cancer survivor, so we want to do as much as we can in order to raise awareness and money for research for the Testicular Cancer Foundation.

Hope this helps clarify some of the ins and outs of #Golfstache... so now, it's your turn - let's see those 'staches!

Golfstache Srixon