PART 3: Why Millennial Golf Is A Challenge

This is part 3 of a series of articles highlighting the reasons why playing the game is a challenge for 18 to 34-year-olds. Read the rest of the series.

Where I am from -- here in Hattiesburg, Miss. -- golf isn't really accessible. There are a lot of factors in why I believe so, and I think it can be fixed. I think that the price to play golf, whether you get a cart or not, is too high. I understand the course needs to make profit to stay afloat, but I do think that charging $50 for a round is a little steep. I can understand $40 for the round, or at least include a bag or pyramid of range balls with the price of the round. When I worked at Canebrake Country Club, we had pyramids of range balls ready for all of the players and it was complementary. At other courses, though, you would have to purchase range balls and the round separately.

The fact that courses are limiting their clientele is another reason why golf isn't as accessible. I've noticed that a lot of courses are only allowing members and/or people who live in those communities to play. I see it as if someone is willing to pay to play, why not give them access? Limitation is a huge downfall for golf in my community, and I feel that should be changed.

The last reason why I feel golf is not accessible as it should be is that there aren't as many tournaments to participate in. In my experience while working at two golf courses now, I've only helped in four tournaments in a two year span.  Most of these tournaments are for charity -- absolutely nothing wrong with that by any means, but I feel if the courses are more prone to offering tournaments to the community as a whole, it would greatly increase the number of golfers in the area.

  1. Not enough time due to work or other obligations.
  2. Price, but I am lucky to be an employee at Shadow Ridge Golf Club, so I get to golf for free.
  3. Though this is very recent, I sold my clubs to a good friend of mine. Waiting to get extra money (asides from paying rent) to get me a new set of PINGs.
  4. Weather conditions, being the fact its Summer in Mississippi, its either way too hot or the course is too wet.
  5. Friends are busy and can't play.  Not that I can't play by myself, but why waste a beautiful day when you can have friends to come along?

By: Andrew Hoang

Twitter: @andrewhoang1349