7 reasons anyone in their twenties should learn to golf

Learning to play golf is really hard.

For those of us that grew up playing the game, we take the teenage learning curve for granted. If you are a young adult and are thinking of taking up the game, here are 7 reasons why anyone in their twenties should  learn to golf.

  1. Your boss plays – What happens when you are asked by your boss to play a round of golf? It is OK if you are not good at golf, as long as you understand the rules, etiquette and can keep up with the pace of play. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to spend 5 hours with your boss to discuss strategic planning for the company and your next promotion.
  2. Networking - As you are probably well aware, many business deals are closed on the golf course. Golf is one sport which you can show up at the course alone and be paired with 3 strangers who just might be your next business partner, banker, lawyer, or accountant. At Nextgengolf City Tour events, you are paired with different players in every tournaments so you can network with other young professionals in the city. It is amazing how many friendships and business relationships are forged on the golf course.
  3. Meeting your spouse – Yeah, this is a stretch…In all seriousness the golf course is a great place for guys and girls to meet their future spouse or partner.  If you are a golfer, meeting a fellow golfer definitely earns some bonus points!
  4. Competition –  We all grew up competing in one way shape or form, and golf provides a challenge every time you play. Golf is a game that attracts many former varsity collegiate and professional athletes, since you can compete at a high level and are less likely to get hurt. Just ask Rory McIlroy about playing other sports…
  5. Health and fitness – Walking a round of golf burns around 2000 calories according to wearegolf.org. Yes, this is really hard to believe given the perception of golf is a lazy man’s sport which provides no health benefits. I would argue that playing a round of golf in 90 degree heat with a 25 pound bag on your shoulder and walking 5 miles is a pretty good workout. Next time you play golf, trying walking 18 holes instead of riding in a cart!
  6. Lifetime value of the sport – There are not many sports which you can play from age 3-93.  Golf is one of those sports that can connect generations and be enjoyed, no matter what age you are at. 
  7. It’s addicting – Contrary to popular belief - golf is a lot of fun. Although many people tell you the game is the most frustrating thing they do, they keep going back weekend after weekend.   Golf is a healthy addiction that is approved by doctors nationwide!

As the CEO of Nextgengolf, my goal is to see many more young adults playing golf. At Nextgengolf, we are here to help you in your journey as a golfer. We realize golf is never going to be your #1 priority, but we understand the value that golf can add to your life.

 Live Life. Play Golf.

**Kris Hart is the CEO of Nextgengolf, which runs City Tour and NCCGA