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7 reasons anyone in their twenties should learn to golf

Learning to play golf is really hard. For those of us that grew up playing the game, we take the teenage learning curve for granted. If you are a young adult and are thinking of taking up the game, here are 7 reasons why anyone in their twenties should  learn to golf.
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Play Faster Golf – 9 Characters Who Slow Down the Game

Ever think about how to play faster golf? Nothing is more enjoyable then playing a great round of golf quickly with pleasant people. I really enjoy meeting new people if I go to the course by myself, but cannot stand playing with slow golfers. Below highlights 9 characters I have personally witnessed on the course...
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Getting rid of the three-hole warmup

Throughout years in the game, the most dreaded part of golf has proven to be the first few holes.  Many see golf as a way to relax, or a way to remain connected to sports in a way that is not as physically demanding as most other games.  What some don’t realize is that golf...
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