Play Faster Golf – 9 Characters Who Slow Down the Game

Ever think about how to play faster golf? Nothing is more enjoyable then playing a great round of golf quickly with pleasant people. I really enjoy meeting new people if I go to the course by myself, but cannot stand playing with slow golfers. Below highlights 9 characters I have personally witnessed on the course which make it hard to play faster golf. If you run into one of these characters, I would suggest taking a long lunch after 9, tell the slow guys to go on without you, and then replay the front 9.

Ball-Man Bill

Ever seen someone with a ball retriever in their bag? That extra club is a sign that your round is going to be slow. Bill will be looking for balls in the woods and the water all day.

Reading Randy

Do you even know how to read greens Randy? Looking at putts from every angle isn’t going to help with that putting stroke.

Divot Dan

Now Dan, I know you went to college for agriculture, but there are going to be flaws in the grass and you cannot fix every divot. Maybe the grounds crew is hiring part time.

Practice Swing Paul

Come on Paul, you just took 6 practice swings. It is not going to help. Here is an example of Paul.

Clueless Cliff

If you want to play faster golf, having a sense of your surroundings is helpful. Parking the cart 30 yards to left of the green when the next tee box is on the right side of the green just doesn’t make sense Cliff.

Wally the Walker

Golf should be played walking, but if you are out of breath walking up a hill, you should be taking a cart.

Technology Timmy

It’s great that you have all this technology, but spending 10 minutes trying to get a signal at a remote golf course will not help you play faster golf. There is a reason golf courses have scorecards and pencils too. The digital scorecard is a joke!

Social Sam

Who can forget Sam? He really is a nice guy, but we are three holes behind the group in front of us since we hear a new story about your recent trip to Singapore on every hole.

Distance Don

Why do you have a GPS watch and a range finder, but still look at the sprinkler head to confirm your distance? Have you ever hit it exactly 163 before Don? If Don was really smart, he would just have a GolfBuddy Watch which keeps things simple. All anyone needs is  front, center, back functionality for distances. Learn more and save on GolfBuddy technology.

Who did I miss? I am a big fan of playing fast golf and think it makes the game much more enjoyable. If you find yourself pulling your hair out on the course playing with one of the characters above, send me a tweet. Better yet, send me a picture or video during the round on Twitter @Collegegolfguy using #GolfCharacter.

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