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7 reasons anyone in their twenties should learn to golf

Learning to play golf is really hard. For those of us that grew up playing the game, we take the teenage learning curve for granted. If you are a young adult and are thinking of taking up the game, here are 7 reasons why anyone in their twenties should  learn to golf.
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Boston Golf: Rich History, but Often Over-looked

When you think of Boston, Massachusetts, often what comes to mind is the Founding Fathers leading the revolution and Boston greats David Ortiz and Tom Brady leading our teams to Championships. However, people may not realize that Boston golf also has a rich history. Many are unaware of Boston’s historic roots in the history and growth...
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Houston Golf: 5 Things Millennials Should Know

When golfers think of hot-spots around the country, Houston golf often gets over looked. Houston, however, has more to offer than you think, especially for Millennial golfers. Between a vast number of courses surrounding the city, different golf opportunities, and year round access, every golfer needs to start planning their weekend get away to Texas....
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Cincinnati Golf: 3 Things Millennials Should Know

Golf can mean many different things to many different people. For some, it’s a profession, for others a hobby they can enjoy in a social setting, others a competitive arena, and still others a chance to escape everyday life. If you’re in your 20s and 30s looking to improve your golf game while getting a chance...
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56 Amateur Golf Tournaments: The Hosts with the Most

The NCCGA will be hosting 56 amateur golf tournaments this Spring at some of the best public golf courses around the country. This season's hosts rank among some of the best the courses the NCCGA has ever played in the regional portion of the schedule. From top campus courses, to top 100 public courses,...

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The St Andrews Experience 2014

The English & Golf Programme is directed by Dominika Antoniszczak and merges the worlds of golf and business. Dominika is a former member of the Polish under 18 National Golf Team, and in  2010 was ranked as number 3 in Poland. She has represented Poland in the World Junior Golf Series and the Faldo Series.  We are approaching the...
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What The Game Is To Millennial Golfers

#GOLFIS a challenge because if you don’t play for an extended period of time, your game gets rusty and you make mistakes that you wouldn’t make in midseason form. Personally, I get out to play as much as I feel is right. Now, there are certain factors that help -- the first being I work at...
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