Golf Fascinates, Angers and Teaches. Golf Is My Life.

There is something about the game of golf that no one will ever understand until they actually step out onto the course and hit that little ball into a tiny hole. It seems silly, but there is nothing like it. I grew up swinging the golf club out in the front yard with clubs that were taller than me at the time. I never really showed interest into golf until my Grandfather and eighth grade history teacher Mr. Theis told me I should play. I am an athlete that has played sports since the young age of three, and nothing has ever fascinated me, angered me and taught me so much about myself and life like the game of golf has.

Golf is my life, and when I say my life, I literally mean it. I am currently going to school to become a registered Class “A” Professional through the PGA upon graduation from the University of Idaho. My plan is to start out as an Assistant Professional, learn the ropes and teach my life away and share my knowledge for the game with everyone around me. Hopefully they will learn to love the game as much as I do.

Millennial Golf - Adam Englehorn

Along with golf being my life and career, it’s the history that really makes me love the game even more. Have you ever researched where the game began and what they used? Or how long the holes were at the first ever course? These little things got me interested in the game. Technology and advancement has been made since a leather ball filled with feathers was being hit around with a wooden stick. Now we are playing with steel and graphite shafts with many different types of plastics and medal being attached together to make a ball go more than 100 yards. The great golfers like Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus weren’t able to grow up with the technology in clubs that we do but they still won Majors and plenty Tour events and still show their class every year at the Masters when they tee off the to start the tournament. Imagine if they were growing up in this era how good at golf they would be compared to their prime.

I am blessed to be playing this game and learning more and more about it each and every day I am on this Earth breathing. The little things in the game matter the most. This is a little of what #GOLFIS to me.

By: Adam Englehorn

Twitter: @a_englehorn7

Instagram: dingle94