My Father Lives On Through Golf

Golf is my life and my true passion. I live, breathe, sleep, eat, sweat, golf. I was introduced to the game by my father at the young age of seven and had my first ever golf membership by the age of 10.

My father -- for whatever reason -- always called me Tiger when we played golf together. Unfortunately, my father passed away when I was 16. I was devastated, but during his illness and eventual death, Tiger Woods was on the rise on the PGA Tour. I instantly became a huge Tiger fan, and from that time my father lived vicariously through the life of Tiger Woods in my memory.

I have now been playing the game of Golf for 24 years and have a 2 handicap, which is hard to believe; time flies. I still play golf tournaments province wide whenever I can. Also, every year I have the privilege of representing the Canadian Forces in the Regionals, Atlantics, and National Championships. It is an amazing experience for me, and I know my father would be truly proud. I’m forever thankful that he introduced me to and taught me how to play the greatest game ever played.

By: Craig Martin

Twitter: @MartyMcfly83

Instagram: marty151983