From “Golf Was” to “Golf Is”

Golf was the first sport I picked up at the age of five, when I hit plastic clubs in my grandparent’s front yard. Golf was the summer clinic where I learned how to drive, chip and putt better than the boys with cooties. Golf was the junior tournaments I competed in and sometimes won at my local country club. Golf was the moments where I lost and learned that I needed to practice and work harder to win.

Golf was the afternoons with my father and brother, and competitive drive they instilled in me. Golf was how I learned sportsmanship and found my passion. Golf was the team I joined in high school and a group that I could play the game with weekly.

Golf was the sport I put aside, when I decided to join other sports and go another way. Golf was lost freshman year when I entered college at Indiana University, a sport I watched and loved, but no longer played.

Golf was brought back when I discovered an internship at the American Junior Golf Association, a love rekindled. Golf was all I knew the summer of 2010, at a junior grass roots level with the nation’s best competition.

Golf was missed when I returned back to IU and I became the golf beat reporter for the men’s and women’s golf teams. Golf was a common interest amongst my friends in fraternities and I picked up a club again. Golf was something I could play better than those frat boys.

Golf was a dream job, a dream industry to work with out of college. Golf was returning to the AJGA for a second internship and hoping to be offered a full-time job. Golf was there for me when I needed to get away from classes and life senior year of college. Golf was going to be my life when I was offered a full-time position in communications at the AJGA.

Golf was everything I knew for two years at the AJGA and supporting junior golfers in their hopes of earning a college golf scholarship. Golf was the memories I made with my AJGA coworkers and friends. Golf was the travel I experienced while helping run nearly 100 junior golf tournaments a year. Golf was the networking I experienced at events like the Junior Solheim Cup and The Masters with the AJGA.

Golf was a new opportunity coming, by way of the Tiger Woods Foundation. Golf was a new journey and a step in a different direction. Golf is my network. Golf is my family and friends. Golf is my passion. Golf is going to remain in my life for quite some time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

By: Abby Liebenthal

Twitter: @TWFLiebs

Instagram: abbylieb