5 Weekly Reminders for Club Golf Presidents

The wait is officially over! The Mountain Region's tournament this weekend has officially kicked off the 2014 Fall NCCGA season. With 12 regions hosting tournaments this weekend, it is time to get your team set for the Fall. Here are five quick reminders for all NCCGA Club Golf Presidents:

Is your Tournament Roster set?

  • All rosters need to be set by the Wednesday before your Region's first tournament.
  • If you have not already done so, please log-in, upload the emails of all your club members, and select your roster for the tournament.
  • Each member will need to fill out his or her profile in order to be eligible to compete, and customize it so you can brag about your low scores - insert a picture and make sure all of the details are accurate
  • ALL club golf team members (not just your top 12) will receive Nextgen Collegiate Memberships.

Don't show up looking like scrubs

  • Whether it's team shirts, logo'd golf balls, windbreakers, or visors, we want to help you look fresh this fall.

Order Team Apparel and Gear for this Fall

Did you know that NCCGA is on Instagram?

  • The NCCGA has been posting pictures nationally showcasing updates on the association. Follow the NCCGA this Fall for #WinnersCircleMonday, special deals and promotions, and to see high-quality content from the 55 tournaments we are hosting around the country.

Are YOU ready to play #ReadyGolf?

  • Pace of play is a big focus for us at the NCCGA this Fall. Help us eliminate slow rounds for good and brush up on our new #ReadyGolf pace of play policies.

Dancing Rabbit Golf Club to host the NCCGA Fall Collegiate National ChampionshipDoes your team have what it takes to make it to Dancing Rabbit?

  • Club presidents have been hard at work this summer and fall getting their teams ready for the new reason. Only 27 teams can qualify for the National Championship.
  • Does your team have it what it takes? If you think you do, get involved in the conversation by using #ClubGolf and #RoadtoRabbit on Twitter and Instagram.

**Tom Thrift graduated from Providence College in 2013 and works with students to start new NCCGA club golf teams. Contact Tom on Twitter @Tthrift