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Club Golf Academy: Ball at Rest Moved

This week, Club Golf Academy will address what happens when your ball moves, either by accident, the fault of your playing partner, or Mother nature. For example, what would happen if a fox ran onto the green, scooped up your ball off of the green, and ran away with it, sort of like this: Read more

Club Golf Academy: Dealing with Loose Impediments

This week’s Club Golf Academy artcile will take a closer look at Rule 23-1 concerning relief from loose impediments. Before we can talk about relief from loose impediments, we must define what is a loose impediment and what is not. Loose impediments are objects that have become detached from their original position and are...

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Club Golf Academy: Ensure a Proper Scorecard

Club Golf Academy is here to help yet again! The little 4.5 x 12 inch piece of paper that you pick up in the clubhouse before each round may be more important than every club in your bag combined. Without a proper scorecard, none of your shots during the round can be accurately recorded.

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5 Weekly Reminders for Club Golf Presidents

The wait is officially over! The Mountain Region's tournament this weekend has officially kicked off the 2014 Fall NCCGA season. With 12 regions hosting tournaments this weekend, it is time to get your team set for the Fall. Here are five quick reminders for all NCCGA Club Golf Presidents:

Is your Tournament Roster set?

  • All rosters...
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How to Manage Your Golf Team’s Funding

Club Golf Presidents have a tough job.  Recruiting players, scheduling and conducting practices, planning tournament trips, and maintaining communication with their players and NCCGA Regional Coordinators are just a few of the responsibilities that fall on their shoulders. Perhaps one of the more overlooked yet challenging parts of the position is budgeting and managing the...
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7 College Fundraising Tips for your Club Golf Team

Fundraising can often be the biggest headache for a new president or an existing team. Many of our teams, however, find creative ways to raise money each semester and most of them do not take much time or effort. Fundraising can be intimidating at first, but if it is done right you...

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Career Benefits of Starting A Club Golf Team

Starting a club golf team is not only fun but can improve your candidacy for jobs in the future.  Many of the jobs I explored asked for “Previous work or leadership experience required” or skills such as, “Leadership, time management, organization, hard-working, team management, innovative and a self-starter.”   Read more