Take a chance. Go play golf.

To me, Golf WAS that boring “sport” that old farts played. It WAS a rich man’s sport. It WAS a waste of time. 10 years later, I’m now the kid with an absolute obsession for the game (and no, I’m not old OR rich).

Growing up in Monterey, California, golf courses were plentiful. With Pebble Beach in my backyard, it was hard not to come by a golf nut anywhere I went. Being raised by a non-golf family in what could be known as the “Golf Capital,” it was natural for me to just hate the game. How could all these people justify paying so much to wear strange clothes, hit a white ball with a stick and chase after it all day?

It really wasn’t until I was a teenager until I took a complete 180 on my view of the sport. The first time I ever went to a driving range I learned how tough golf really was. For the life of me I could not get that stupid ball off the ground and into a wide-open field. And to think real golfers were trying to get the ball into a 4-inch cup? Angered by the thought, I swung harder and harder. Finally, it flew out into the field. No, not the ball…my golf club. To be fair, it was rainy, the grip was slippery and yeah. So my love for golf really came out of my hatred and frustration.

#GOLFIS Life for Harry Chiu

#GOLFIS life for Harry Chiu







Determined to be good, I started to learn and play every day for a whole year (yes, it’s possible. Sorry to rub it in your face, New England). The following year I made it onto the varsity team in high school. And the rest is history. Well, except for that one time I broke a Science Fair Board while swinging a golf club in a hallway. I’ll never hear the end of that.

So now that you know my life story, and yes…golf is my life, so life story. What is golf to me?

  1. Golf is a brand new perspective. It’s something that everyone should try once in their life. For me, it’s hard to see where I would be if I hadn’t gone to the driving range that first time. Take a chance. Go play golf.
  2. Golf is a lifestyle. Go ahead and check out my closet. I own a polo in every color of the rainbow. Hotel doesn’t have Golf Channel? I won’t stay there.
  3. Golf is a breath of fresh air. Ever hear someone tell you to stop and “smell the roses?” Some of the most gorgeous views and pristine landscapes I’ve seen in my life are from golf courses.
  4. Golf is something I wish my girlfriend will learn. Yes, it’s true. I’m a golf nut dating a non-golfer. And sure, I enjoy being able to play on my own or with friends. But the inevitable truth is when I retire in a Florida golf community, I’ll need a playing partner when Carl is busy at the daily Bridge tournament and Bob is too focused at the racetrack.
  5. Golf is… well what isn’t it?


By: Harry Chiu

Twitter: @GolferBoyHC

Instagram: GolferBoyHC