Golf Is Life

To me, golf is life, a continuing struggle to better oneself to a level that not even the best players in the world can achieve. Golf is the hardest sport in the world to play on the professional circuit as only 125 players worldwide hold PGA Tour cards. Golf is a way to meet new people, reconnect with old friends, and truly prove who has the patience, short memory, and skill necessary to outlast everyone else. Golf is a way to enjoy nature while playing in the same places that your childhood idols played. Golf is a game that challenges players at least as much mentally as it does physically, unlike any other sport. Golf is the only sport where one shot out of 280 over a four day period can be the difference between winning and losing. Golf is my past, my present, and hopefully my future. Golf is the only sport where everyone from ages 3 to 103 is on the same playing field with the same goal. Golf is the most frustrating and satisfying form of relaxation. Only in golf can you have 100 bad shots, yet you keep coming back for that one good shot you had.

#GOLFIS the sport I love and will forever cherish.

By: Nicholas Heyrman

Twitter: @Heyrs17

Instagram: Heyrs17