13 Golf Terms You May Not Know

Everyone is busy planning for the summer golf season. And here at Nextgengolf we want to make sure you're prepared—golf lingo and all. Here's 13 golf terms you might not know, but hey, they could come in handy during your next golf round.

Army Golf
A golfer that hits shots like troops march: left, right, left, right, etc.

Breakfast ball
A mulligan during an early morning round. Sometimes before you’ve had breakfast.

Playing consistently above your regular handicap or regularly failing to achieve it in competition play. The opposite of sandbagging.

Chicken Stick
A play-it-safe club...because you’re too chicken to go for it.

A four-under par shot; for example, a hole-in-one on a par 5.

Hole-out from outside the green complex.

FrenchieGolf Terms Beach Shot
The act of hitting a golf ball that ricochets off a tree back onto the fairway.

Goldie Bounce
When the ball strikes a tree deep in the rough and bounces out onto the fairway

A lie where the ball is on the lip of a lake or other water hazard.

Sabbath Sticks
Golf enthusiasts' answer to the Church of Scotland’s discouraging golfing on Sundays. Clubs were disguised as walking sticks, the club head comfortably fitting in the palm of the golfer's hand, until feeling unobserved, the stick was reversed and a few strokes were played.

An English golf term dating back to the late 1800's which means, a shot that lands close to the flagstick.

Texas wedge
Texas courses had a reputation, back in the days of Hogan and earlier, for dry, hard fairways. Therefore, the putter, rather than a wedge, might be a better choice from because of the firmness of the ground.

Worm burner
A shot that is hit remarkably low and sometimes hard.

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