Golf Is A Way To Remember

#GOLFIS a way to remember.

Who introduced you to golf? Was it your mom or dad? Maybe it was your grandparents, maybe your friends.

For me that person was my dad. I grew up practicing with my dad in the backyard bending shots around the house. As I got older, he took me to the course. It was a wonderful way for us to bond and do something that we both loved. Although my dad wasn’t the best player, he loved the game and wanted me to be the best player that I could be. We competed against one another but also in several tournaments as a team. Once my brother was old enough to start playing we then played in my favorite threesome: Dad, Brother and me.

In 2009, my dad passed away in an unexpected car accident. For a while I didn’t want to be anywhere near the golf course because it was too much of a reminder about the person who had introduced me to the sport. Then I realized that golf is a way to remember the great moments and laughs that we shared on the course. When I am out on the course I feel closer to my dad then ever. I cannot thank him enough for introducing me to a sport that I can play for the rest of my life while remembering all of the wonderful times that we shared together. Although my dad cannot physically play here on earth with my brother and me, we know he is close by watching every swing that we make.

By: Daniel Castles

Twitter: @castles3d

Instagram: @castles3d