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How to take relief from cart path

Welcome back, everyone. Just like the Rocky movies, we’re back again with another edition of the Nextgengolf Rule of the Week. This week, we will examine how to take relief from immovable obstructions, specifically cart paths, under Rule 24-2b.

Unless you’re like the pros...

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Can you pass a golf rules quiz?

Written By: Nick Heyrman | @NCCGATourneys With the NCCGA season upon us, it is a great time to test your knowledge of the rules of golf. We've all seen many of these rules come up during a round, either to you personally or to a playing partner. And while we may all think we...
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10 Ways to Improve your Golf Game this Winter

Written By: Paul Kerdpinyo | Penyo Golf During the winter time, golfing outdoors can become limited. Maybe it's feet of snow on the ground, or a wind chill so brutal your entire face is covered in a scarf. Whatever the reason, it's during these times we must come up with creative ways to work our way...
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How to practice golf better

As any golfer knows, the time they spend practicing the different areas of their game can prove to be very rewarding. But many golfers will go to the range for a day and aimlessly beat golf balls till sunset, believing that they have somehow helped their golf game. That style of practice will make...
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13 Golf Terms You May Not Know

Everyone is busy planning for the summer golf season. And here at Nextgengolf we want to make sure you're prepared—golf lingo and all. Here's 13 golf terms you might not know, but hey, they could come in handy during your next golf round. Army Golf A golfer that hits shots like troops march: left, right, left, right, etc. Breakfast ball A...
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How to Not Get a Golf Job

First off, Happy April! For many of our NCCGA seniors, graduation is right around the corner. I’m sure you have started the process of looking for jobs. Many websites and blog articles are written each year about the Do’s and Don’ts of how to get a job. Travis Richardson even wrote an article back in...
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Club Golf Academy: Ball at Rest Moved

This week, Club Golf Academy will address what happens when your ball moves, either by accident, the fault of your playing partner, or Mother nature. For example, what would happen if a fox ran onto the green, scooped up your ball off of the green, and ran away with it, sort of like this: Read more

Club Golf Academy: Dealing with Loose Impediments

This week’s Club Golf Academy artcile will take a closer look at Rule 23-1 concerning relief from loose impediments. Before we can talk about relief from loose impediments, we must define what is a loose impediment and what is not. Loose impediments are objects that have become detached from their original position and are...

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