How to get a hole in one

Written By: Kris Hart | @collegegolfguy

To get a hole in one, you need to hit a great shot and most importantly be really lucky (and we mean really, really lucky). Do you think you would be able to increase your odds of making a hole in one if you had the right golf equipment? Probably not, but over the last year two members of the Nextgengolf community were able to get a hole in one and attribute some of their luck to new equipment from our friends at  Cleveland Golf and Srixon. Read more about their stories below, and get your hands on the right equipment for your next round.

Peter Staiti – Worcester, MA
(Peter’s first time using a Srixon Z Star ball)

“I met Kris Hart from Nextgengolf at a member/guest at Oak Hill in Fitchburg, MA this spring. Kris gave me a sleeve of the new Srixon Z-star balls to try them out. Honestly, I did not use them until 3 months later at a charity event at Blissful Meadows in Uxbridge, MA. Although I am usually a Titleist guy, I tried the Srixon during my round and really enjoyed playing the ball. My love for the Srixon got deeper after I was able to get a hole in one on the 117 yard, signature 13th hole at Blissful Meadows using a pitching wedge. The Nextgengolf logo'd Srixon will be memorialized permanently on my mantle and I have gained a new respect for an awesome golf ball which I never gave a chance in the past. Thank you for the balls and, as a former collegiate player, thank you for great work you are doing in promoting the game to an undeserved population of players!”

Matthew Jonah – Fort Lauderdale, FL
(Matt’s first time using his new Cleveland 588 CB Precision forged irons)

“Although I played DII collegiate golf and was part of the National Championship team in 2007 at Barry University, my days of hitting blade irons are over. Last year I purchased my first set of Cleveland Irons through Nextgengolf. As a scratch golfer, it took me a while to test a number of iron sets, but ended up going with the Cleveland irons. Of the 6 sets I demoed, I would have ranked them #5 before hitting these beauties. My appreciation for the irons got deeper during a sales trip to Trump International in Puerto Rico. I hit the 4 iron for the first time on #11, a 194 yard hole into the wind. Luck was with me that day after the shot took two hops rolled on a ridge, and trickled into the hole. The memory of the group Patron tequila shot, $300 bar tab post round, and most importantly the shot will be a lasting memory forever. Thanks Cleveland Golf for the discount on the clubs and helping me make memories!”

matt jonah barry university how to get a hole in one nextgengolfUnfortunately many golfers do not have the chance to try out Srixon and Cleveland Golf products as much as other brands like Taylor Made, Titleist, and Callaway given their lack of advertising compared to the big 3. If you are looking to get a hole in one, perhaps these products could help your chances. Oh and by the way, did you know you can save 20-60% on CG and Srixon products if you are part of the Nextgengolf community?

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