WARNING: Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls Prone to Aces

Golfers are always particular about their equipment. Call it a routine or superstition or whatever you like; players are often reluctant to switch things up. But what about switching equipment to something that works? That is what many players are experiencing when they make the switch to Srixon’s Z-Star and Z-Star XV golf balls.

This season on the NCCGA, all competing players receive a complimentary sleeve of Z-Star golf balls from Srixon. Performance at NCCGA regional tournaments have also picked up this year with players and teams posting lower, more consistent scores. Another exciting category that has improved has been number of aces on the club golf level. This year we have already seen 3 holes-in-one, all by players using Z-Stars. Coincidence? I’ll let you decide for yourself. The players using the golf ball sure see the results.

Here’s a look at the three club players who have all gotten aces since their switch to the Srixon Z-Stars:

Ben Woods, Sophomore, University of Missourimissouri club golf ben woods nccga nextgengolf

Favorite quality of the Srixon Z-Star: Softness around the greens

How he described his Ace: "Shocking – I made a triple bogey the hole before."

Why he plays a Z-star: “I really like it for my short game, I mainly started using it in the 2nd regional this fall, but with the Z-star I found that you can get the ball to check up a lot easier than other balls.”

hole in one srixon marquette nccga nextgengolfDaniel Zurawski, Sophomore, Marquette

Favorite quality of the Srixon Z-Star: The ability to stop the ball with wedges without losing distance

How he described his Ace: “Unforgettable – it was a great course with fun playing partners.

Why he plays the Z-star: “My hole in one was from 138 yards. I used a gap wedge. The ball landed about 4 feet beyond the hole and spun back into the cup. This was something I didn’t even think I was capable of doing, and shows how good the spin is on the ball.”

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Thomas Berra, Senior, University of Missourimizzou club golf tommy berra nccga nextgengolf

Favorite Quality of the Srixon Z-Star: It's a little longer of the tee and feels great for shots 120 yards and in

How he described his first Ace: "Extraordinary"

Why he plays the Z-Star: "I've struggled with short approach shots, and since using the Z-star, I've noticed an improvement on how well i can control and place my ball on the green, which helps my scoring."

All three players are new to hop on the Z-Star train, but have had instant success sense using them. More distance and great spin control are two common themes amongst these players and most other players using the Z-Star. If you're looking for an easy way to take your game to the next level, try out a Z-Star. You never know, it could be the one thing holding you back from your first hole-in-one.

**Jack Stephens is the NCCGA's Director of Communications and a student at St. Louis University. Contact him on Twitter @NCCGABlog.