Why I Switched To Better With Srixon Golf Balls

Written By: Alex Rosato | @arosato012

Changing to Srixon golf balls is the best thing I have ever done for my golf game. As a student and member of the club golf team at SUNY Cortland and the NCCGA's Northeast Regional Coordinator, I was introduced to Srixon through Nextgengolf. Before, I played a select few balls. Most of the time it was a Pro V1, Pro V1X, or Taylormade Tour Preferred/Tour Preferred X. The reason being was the soft feel they provide around the greens that a lot of avid golfers fiend for. Srixon Z-Star, and Z-Star XV really stood out immediately to me because they are incredibly durable and gives that same “soft” feeling as the Pro V1 or Pro V1x.

The next thing that came to my mind after trying the Srixon Z-Stars was money. Let’s face it, being a young adult and attending college isn’t the best financial path at first. $40-$50 a dozen for golf balls has the potential to add up way to quickly for most pocketbooks in the same stage of life as I. And no matter how well anyone can play, there will always be a cart path or tree that just seems to suck the ball out of thin air at some point during the round. When this occurs, Pro V1s cover on the outside of the golf ball are consistently beat up to the point of retiring it after said occasion.

During the Nextgengolf Spring Break Open in Myrtle Beach, I went through the second day without losing a ball, and let me just say it was impressive that the ball still has absolutely no marks on it. I must have went into a tree at least eight times, hit numerous sand shots, and the ball appears as though it does not have a scratch on it. Yet, I kept getting the exact same “soft” feel as a Pro V1.

Need to save money on golf balls?

As a consumer, if I am going to spend good money to obtain quality golf balls, I want to know that they will be able to last me a decent amount of time. Unless you want to add an expensive ball to the shag bag labeled “practice” hung in your garage, making the switch to Srixon golf balls will be the best thing you have done too. Trust me, I am confident no one, no matter what skill level, will regret it.

Lastly, a note for those who are not easily persuaded by blog articles, I have a test I’d like to recommend to you. Take 8 golf balls. Make 4 of them your preferred choice of ball as of right now, and take 4 Srixon golf balls. Have a parent or roommate take a sharpie, and sharpie out any writing on the ball, and just label it with a number 1-8 at random. Do your own tests on the range and practice green. Be honest with yourself above all else. But, be prepared to be amazed that you have a new favorite golf ball!