Golf Is Not Boring

#GOLFIS passion.

As anybody that has played golf for a significant amount of time will tell you, golf is many things. Golf is creative, ever-changing, a sport, competition, leisure, fun, relaxing… I could go on. At the end of the day, the one word that sums up all of those attributes the best is passion.

Golf is not boring. There is so much that golf demands. Whether playing, practicing or even just watching, there is no time left to be bored. The lack of ability to be bored is another reason passion defines golf so well, because there has to be passion in order to appreciate it. Golf leaves no room for just “going through the motions” and invites you to always be working to improve. Even the best in the world work every day to better themselves at their craft.

Another reason passion fits so well with golf is the ability everyone has to live that passion. There are no physical attributes that are required to be good at golf. On the PGA and LPGA Tours there are men and women of all different types of body shapes and these are the best players in the world. Also, when PGA or LPGA Tour dreams are not able to be realized there are plenty of other arenas to jump in under the golf umbrella. The low number of barriers to entry for golf allows passion to flow much more freely.

Based on the reasons above, the single best word I can use to describe golf is passion.

By: John Carney

Twitter: @jt_money3

Instagram: johnthomascarney