After Club Golf, My Training Aid Follows Me Everywhere

Spring is officially upon us; courses are slowly starting to open up and golfers are awakening from their long, golf-less winter hibernation. For me, it’s difficult to adjust having grown up in beautiful Monterey, California. Nonetheless, it’s a concession I knew I had to make in order to study in New England.


I remember back in the day watching the Masters in Cali -  I could never sit down and just watch it. I had the Momentus trainer which I would swing each time someone on TV would. Of course, when they were putting, I’d stop as we know it’s only proper golf etiquette to not swing when someone’s putting.

Now that my years of club golf have ended, I’m living in a cramped apartment near Bunker Hill, I can’t risk swinging a club and damaging my prime source of entertainment: a 48-inch flat screen. With that said, I can’t sit still during the 2013 Masters! Thankfully I have the one training aid that follows me everywhere - And I mean everywhere. Be it at work, waiting for the T, showering - this club is everywhere: my “air swing 7-iron," of course. It definitely keeps my swing in shape, especially in New England where you can’t even get out half the year!

So don’t be embarrassed to take that imaginary club out in your living room (heck, Obama isn't!) while you enviously watch as a 14-year-old is playing behind Tiger Woods at the 2013 Masters. I know I’m not.

**Harry Chiu started the Club Golf team at College of the Holy Cross.