A Badger #JourneyToBetter

Wei Chean is not a typical NCCGA golfer. Most of our players compete at the varsity level in high school but prefer to focus on academics and extracurricular activities while in college. While the the later may hold true for Wei, his prior golf resume may stand atop the NCCGA (Christian Dolan of UVA might feel differently). We asked him a few questions about his past golf experiences and how he is continuing his #JourneyToBetter in the states and the Wisconsin Club Golf team.

Q: When did you start playing golf?

I started playing golf at the age of 6 when I my father first brought me to the driving range and introduced me to the game.

Q: What was your highest ranking in the World Amateur Golf Rankings? (WAGR)

The highest I’ve gotten on the World Amateur Golf Rankings is somewhere around 1500. My best memory was qualifying for the Selangor Masters which is an Asian Tour event in 2011 and 2012 by virtue of winning the Selangor Junior Masters. I had the opportunity to play against the likes of Thongchai Jaidee and other notable players on the tour.

Q: Why did you decide to come to Wisconsin?

The University of Wisconsin’s Business School is highly ranked among other schools in the United States. As I didn’t have the chance to go campus visiting before coming to the
US, I chose the UW solely based on their rankings. It turned out to be one of the
best decisions I’ve made in my life. Go Badgers!

Q: Did you try to play varsity golf here in America?

Wei played Srixon in Asia and has continued his #JourneyToBetter in the states with NCCGA

Wei played Srixon in Asia and has continued his #JourneyToBetter in the states with NCCGA

I grew up playing competitive golf so naturally I had a dream of playing varsity golf. However, I was applying to schools in the US only with my academic credentials and did not properly manage the golf side of it. Although I did not end up playing varsity golf, I’ve been fortunate to meet many great people through Club Golf and I am thoroughly enjoying the Club Golf experience!

Q: How long have you been playing Cleveland/Srixon equipment?

I have been playing Srixon/Cleveland Equipment since 2011. I am still playing my set of Srixon Z-TX irons and Cleveland CG16 wedges!

Q: Srixon is currently carrying out a marketing campaign using the hashtag #JourneyToBetter. How would you describe your own personal Journey to Better?

My journey to further improve my golf game is a challenging one, but I am confident that with my perseverance and determination to strive for excellence I will one day achieve my goal of becoming an elite amateur golfer. Srixon has always provided elite clubs and their staff has gone above and beyond to help my growth as a competitive golfer.