Why Club Golf is More Fun Than Varsity College Golf

1) No morning workouts or missed classes

Play golf when you want to. If you've got a big test next week, don't sweat it. Club golf allows flexibility in the lives of our club golfers in a much different way than playing varsity college golf.

2) Have the time to be in greek life and still play golf

A number of our club golfers are fraternity and sorority members. The majority of fraternities have golfers that have an interest in playing club golf. That said, the varsity college golf schedule is typically not realistic given the amount of social commitments required.

3) Weekend tournaments. Premium Courses. Good People.

Many D1 varsity college golf tournaments occur during the middle of the week an require many missed classes. Our club golf tournaments are held on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings making it super convenient. Also, there are only two weekend tournaments each semester in addition to a national championship. It's the perfect amount of competitive club golf that will allow you to sill live your life as a normal college student. We are also excited to pick up the pace of play this fall semester as well with stricter enforcement of slow play.

4) For the love of the game above all else

Club golf is student-funded, often over par, and always for the love of the game. Most of our students won’t go pro, some may never break 80, but everyone of our 10,000+ college students spends their weekends playing the game we all love.

5) Golf jobs and internship opportunities

We are always trying to help connect our student club golfers to the golf industry. We've had great success working with the AJGA in having our students join their traveling internship program in particular and look forward to continually expanding the opportunities offer.

**Mike Belkin is the co-founder of Nextgengolf.