#GOLFIS All About The People You Play With

I first started playing the game of golf at a young age. My Dad took me out to play 9-holes at a course in a small town in Kansas. I was hooked. We started playing as many times as our busy schedules would allow, adding my little brother to the mix as well. We were never really competitive, and would never be confused with scratch golfers. Afterwards we could go to my Grandpa’s house for soda and to recap the round, exchanging playful jabs at each over particularly bad shots.

What sticks in my memory, even after all these years is the post-round tradition at my Grandpa’s house. My family has always been associated with my game of golf. My Mom used to drive me to my junior golf camps over the summer, staying the entire time, even helping me carry my clubs on occasion. The weather always seemed to be hot, but she was always there supporting me.

My family has helped me stay involved in the game of golf, and my passion for the game continues today as I work with the Nextgengolf team to help grow the game of golf.

For me, #GOLFIS...

  1. Family – My positive feelings towards the sport stem from its association with my family. My Dad introduced me to the sport, teaching me how to play. My Mom supported me as I attended camps and tried to improve. Without both of them, who knows whether I would have stayed involved with the sport?
  2. Friendship – In my opinion, golf is best played with your closest friends and family. And if they remain your friends after the round, that is even better.
  3. Rewarding – As a part of the Nextgengolf team and the NCCGA, it is rewarding working with college club golfers, helping them continue to play the game they love into their college years, and growing the game to millennial golfers.
  4. Unique – Golf is a sport that can cause even the best players to struggle, and is one of the reasons I love the game. Trying to hit out of bad lies, being bold enough to hit through some branches, telling your playing partners “I can clear the water.” Those times make it fun.
  5. Fun – I have had my fair share of bogeys, double bogeys, triple bogeys, and even beyond, but nothing can reinvigorate your love for the game as much as a great shot.

By: Travis Richardson

Twitter: @Travis_Richson