Golf Blogging For NCCGA Club Golf

My name is David Uhrmacher and I am the NCCGA Director of Communications. Under the leadership of Chase Russell and company this year, we are going to move the NCCGA and Nextgengolf with hopes to grow both club golf and recreational golf on college campuses to an all-time high level.

With that overarching goal always in mind, some of the day-to-day tasks that I do will help connect the NCCGA and its players to media outlets around the nation.

By maintaining the blog on the official NCCGA blog, I will ensure our content is being updated regularly and is relevant to what is happening in all of the NCCGA’s 23 Regions.

With that being said, if any college golfers want to contribute to our blog, I encourage your participation! Email me at, and we will get you set up.

I will work with our media partner, GolfWeek, to continue producing content and covering our National Tournament that will see 25 teams from around the nation travel to Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg, New Jersey.

With these articles on the NCCGA blog, our goal is not only to produce content that our club golfers will enjoy, but also to spark interest on college campuses that do not yet have club golf teams and inspire them to create one.

With the blog, similar with most things that the Student Leadership Team does, we have two big goals for club golf:

  • Creating a better product for current NCCGA club golf teams by sharing our experiences on the blog
  • Spurring club golf growth on campuses across the country

For more information on how you can help grow club golf or join a team on your campus, tweet @NCCGA and we'll help you out!