29 Struggles Gen-Y Golfers Face

Nextgengolf is defining the game for 18-29 year golfers. In a recent survey with our members, we asked: “What is your biggest challenge as a young adult golfer”; below are 29 responses in fewer than 140 characters.

  1. “Taking it too seriously when I make mistakes”
  2. “Acceptance from older patrons”
  3. “I can’t keep up with the bid dawgs but I’m not a beginner” 
  4. “Golf lessons are so expensive!”
  5. “Female players are not respected like male players”
  6. “I’m not very patient”
  7. “20 yard+ green-side bunker shots”
  8. “Everyone plays too slow”
  9. “Often times the staff does not give me friendly looks”
  10. “I am paying for my college, and money is a big issue”
  11. “Not many people play that are my age!”
  12. “Laying up”
  13. “Being taken seriously as I’m genuinely interested”
  14. “I live in a city and courses are too expensive”
  15. “Staying consistent and managing my emotions”
  16. “Finding a course that serves an affordable beverage!”
  17. “Finding other young adults to tee it up with”
  18. “I am a broke college student”
  19. “Staying sharp during the winter”
  20. “Having adults take you seriously”
  21. “Breaking 80″
  22. “Finding time to play during my busiest semester”
  23. “Cost is by far the biggest burden”
  24. “Getting angry after bad shots”
  25. “It’s expensive and takes forever to play in LA”
  26. “I can’t afford to work with a pro”
  27. “My girl friend!”
  28. “Being rushed and not taken seriously”
  29. “LOVING the game but not able to afford it”

We were fascinated by the 300+ responses we had (and a big thanks to all who filled out our survey). At Nextgengolf, our members are defining the game for 18-29 year-olds. Whether it’s an affordable college golf membership, an NCCGA Regional Tournament, or a Nextgen Summer City Golf Tournament, we are excited to help you get in the game! Our new website–www.nextgengolf.org–will officially launch on January 20th. This will be the hub for everything you need to know as an 18-29 year-old golfer.