The ULTIMATE Club Golf Fundraiser

The NCCGA is a member's first organization, and one issue teams constantly run into is raising funds to compete. To mitigate such challenges, we've created a fun way for your team to raise money, advertise, and find new golfers.

So help us find out which campus is the golfiest (or hast the most golfers)...

How it works

1)     Each NCCGA Team will designate a Team Captain and Register your team 

2)     The Team Captain will work with their club team in an effort to find every golfer on campus

3)     Grow awareness for your club, grow your numbers to receive more school funding, and win great prizes in the process.   

4)     For every golfer you find on your campus, the NCCGA will donate $1 to help fund your golf team this fall. For example, if you find 250 golfers on your campus, the NCCGA will donate $250 to your club team and essentially you will avoid paying dues this fall. If you find 600 golfers, the NCCGA will donate $600 and so forth ($1000 maximum). Fundraising checks will be sent to the team captain and are to be used for club golf related expenses.

Team Prizes

1st - Free CGP Memberships for anyone on campus for the Golfiest Campus plus Polo Ralph Lauren Polos for your club team

2nd – Free CGP Memberships for everyone on your team and hats for your team

All registered NCCGA teams will receive team funding

Individual Prizes

1st – A custom Classic XL Cleveland Driver

2nd  – Cleveland 588 RTX Wedge

3rd prize – Cleveland Black Pearl Putter

How do I find golfers?

1)      You and your team should email the Golfiest campus link to any and every golfer on campus you know. If 20 team members send the link to 20 people they know who like golf, that is 400 golfers and $400 for your club!

2)      Set-up a table at the activities fair promoting your club and signing up interested students

3)      Put up fliers on campus promoting golf, your club, and this campaign – Flier sent via email next week.

4)      Go around the campus quad as a team asking anyone and everyone if they like golf and get them to sign-up for the contest

What do I do when I find a golfer on campus?

1)      Direct students to

2)      Your team will get credit for any student from your campus that signs up for the contest

3)      Students who sign-up for the contest will be entered into a sweepstakes contest

4)      We will send Team Captains campus rankings on a weekly basis throughout the contest

5)       At the conclusion of the contest we will send you a list of all interested golfers on your campus

Terms and conditions:

1)      There is no cost to enter the contest, but team captains do need to register their teams to receive the fundraising check.

2)      Contest will run from September 1, 2013 to September 30, 2013

3)      America’s Golfiest campus winner and prize winners will be announced on October 7th.

4)      Team fundraising checks will be sent out at the conclusion of the NCCGA fall season during the week of November 18th.

5)      Contest prizes are subject to change. Prizes will be sent out during the week of November 18th at the end of the NCCGA Season

6)       Teams need a minimum of 50 golfer signups to receive a fundraising check.