The #ClubGolf Cup

#ClubGolf entails more than competitive tournaments; it unites college golfers and creates lifelong friendships and memories. Whether it’s a first hole-in-one, low round, or your first par, the number of students experiencing and defining #ClubGolf is growing every day.

The NCCGA recognizes that #ClubGolf extends beyond Regional Tournaments which is why we are pleased to announce the #ClubGolf Cup. The #ClubGolf Cup is a new award starting fall 2014 for the team that best shares their #ClubGolf experience throughout the semester. Below are a few examples of what we'll be looking for your team to do:

  • Scrambles
  • Inter-Squad Matches
  • Social Events
  • Philanthropic Events
  • Team Traditions
  • Travel Stories/Pictures
  • And everything else unique with your #ClubGolf team

What can my #ClubGolf team win?

College Golf_ECUClubs should record these events and stories through Twitter and Instagram using the #ClubGolf hashtag, and don't forget to mention @NCCGA! In September, October, and November a different club will be chosen as the monthly #ClubGolf winner based off the quantity and quality of their club’s activities shared through social media. The club president of the monthly winning team will receive a Cleveland wedge and will be one of three finalist clubs to win the #ClubGolf Cup.

Iowa_State_GolfAfter the NCCGA season ends in late November, the NCCGA will award one of the three monthly winning clubs with the #Clubgolf Cup based off of the cumulative number and quality of their #ClubGolf posts throughout the fall semester. The winning club will be exempt from paying their team dues the following semester and will win a cup signifying them as the top club in the NCCGA.

Show us why you have the greatest #ClubGolf team in the nation. The chase for the #ClubGolf Cup begins now!

All questions can be directed to Cormac Kelly, Director of Recreational Golf, at

**Cormac Kelly is the NCCGA Director of Recreational Golf and leading member of the Ohio State University Club Golf Team. Contact him on twitter @RecCollegeGolf