College Golfer Stays Involved in the Summer

Campbell Wentworth-Ping is a rising sophomore, majoring in Communications with a double minor in Spanish and Sports and Event Management. He is a college golfer for the Elon University Club Golf Team, also serving as the Club President and the North Carolina Regional Coordinator.

- What are you up to this summer?

I am working at a golf course, but also volunteering with The First Tee in New Jersey. I have helped with The First Tee previously, and I just wanted to take it to the next level. I work as a caddy at Roxiticus Golf Club in New Jersey. If all else fails, I want to be a tour caddy.

-What are your ideas to grow NCCGA?

I am the Elon Club President, as well as the North Carolina Regional Coordinator. I want to grow the women’s side, and get some women’s teams started in North Carolina. I also want to continue adding more teams, and help get some teams that already participated back playing with us.

 -What are your goals for the North Carolina Region this fall?

I want to see a lot of participation at both tournaments. I want everyone to be happy, which I think is achievable. I want to send a couple teams to nationals. I just want to see the participation level be up there, we are a golf rich region, it is huge. I know everyone has been playing this summer. Add two or three teams by the time my term is done, add a women’s team, maybe start a women’s division. Those are my goals.

-Are you an Ambassador of Golf?

Yes. I like the program. I think it is a great way for anyone that plays golf to get involved. I happen to be very involved already, I play, work at a golf course, my uncle is a PGA professional. I grew up around the game, so it is easy for me to communicate that people. Social media is a great way to get the word out. I try to take my friends to the range. Talking to people about golf is second nature to me. I’m a communications major, so doing this fits in perfectly.

**Campbell Wentworth-Ping is the Regional Coordinator of the North Carolina Region. Contact him on Twitter @NCCGANORTHCAROL