How Towson Won #ClubGolf

The second annual NCCGA #ClubGolf winner is........Towson Club Golf! The March monthly winners rolled through April to take home the honor. The club will receive free team dues for the Spring 2015 semester for their hardwork, as well as the recognition that comes along with winning.

The #ClubGolf contest was created in the Fall 2014 semester as a way to celebrate what club golf means to NCCGA teams and students throughout the country. While the big focus is on the regional tournaments, we wanted this campaign to highlight the team dinners, practice sessions, post-round, the entire experience.

Ryan Flanigan of the Towson club had this to say about what #clubgolf means to them.

Club Golf means everything to me and majority of our team. Most of the guys would say that Club Golf is the thing they would remember most about their college careers. It has meant a chance to meet some of our best friends we have at school. We are more than just a team we are a band of brothers. We have so many inside jokes when people eavesdrop on our conversations they would have zero idea of what we are talking about. Overall it’s a club golf family we have here at Towson we all love golf but the relationships we have formed stretch much further than just the golf.

How exactly did Towson rise above the pack to emerge victorious. Here's how:


Towson took advantage of the Nextgengolf Fundraising Platform launched this past January, raising more than $500 for the club. President Harry Stokes said it was simply a matter of committing to it, and pushing the campaign hard on social media and to family and friends.


Towson participated in both Capitol Region tournaments this semester, despite snow flurries falling on the ground at the first tournament the last weekend of March. The team finished in second at both events, coming up just short of securing the automatic nationals bid awarded to the region winner. They have missed qualifying for both the Fall and Spring National Championship by a combined total of 7 strokes.

Social Media

Towson's real dominance was showed on social media, especially on Instagram. We picked out several of our favorite posts below, but check them out to see some great videos from the driving range (and humor mixed in throughout).

Towson Club Golf InstagramTowson Instagram Club Golf Road

Thank you to all the clubs and individuals that participated this Spring in the #ClubGolf campaign, and we look forward to announcing our next campaign later this summer!

**Adam Englehorn is the NCCGA's Director of Campaigns and Media. Reach him on Twitter @NCCGACampaigns