#ClubGolf is Back for Spring 2015

While we are excited to be able to offer amazing tournaments and other golf opportunities for our college golfers, the NCCGA understands that college golf is about more than just golf. It is the lifelong friendships, volunteering in the community, and team traditions that players will remember. It is for these reasons that the NCCGA will be repeating the #ClubGolf campaign this spring.

The campaign will run in both March and April, with a different winner selected each month based on the club’s activities shared through social media (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook). The club president of the each winning team will receive a Cleveland wedge and will be a finalist for the semester long competition.

Once the NCCGA season ends in late April and a new National Champion has been crowned, it will be time to crown a new #ClubGolf Cup Champion. The winning team will be selected based on their season long submissions. Similar to last year, the winning club will be exempt from paying team dues the Fall 2015 semester and will be presented with the #ClubGolf Cup.

What Can my #ClubGolf Team do to win?

There will be lots of competition as the season progresses, but consistently posting about your team will find early success. While quantity is a factor, quality is just as important and will factor more heavily into which club is selected as the winner. Make sure to get creative, and have fun with each post. Posts can be meaningful pictures of the team playing, practicing, volunteering in the community, or even goofy trick-shot videos.

Examples of Submissions


Team Events Outside of Golf

Volunteering in the Community

Team Traditions

Funny Travel Stories/Pictures

Unique Experiences/Pictures

We hope to see some amazing submissions like last year. In the fall of 2014, we saw Pittsburgh, Duquesne, and Iowa State take home monthly awards. Eventually Duquesne took home the crown, but we expect another competitive semester. For full details and rules, visit the official #Clubgolf homepage.

Start sharing your club golf experience today and show us why your club golf team has the best team in the NCCGA. Who will win #ClubGolf this spring?

**Adam Englehorn is the Director of Campaign and Social Media. Find him on Twitter @NCCGACampaigns  or email him your questions at adam@nccga.org